Pizzo Gallina

The Argentinians would pronounce her name Pizo Gashina – and so do we!

Freeriding is awesome, but the solitude of a remote mountain valley surrounded by AK-lines gives me the same – or even more.  Especially as the snow masses in the Goms this year are huge, almost every line skiable and the weather perfect. So why not to try the rarely skied Gallina?!

A three-hour train ride brought us into Oberwald (VS), where our long walk up the valley across rivers and south-faced slabs led us to the base of the steep N-Flank. 800 verticals were already gained and now the 1000 final meters were done in no time as it is not a question of motivation when a dream run is calling you….

The panoramic sight on Schreck- and Finsteraarhorn kept us up on the summit but eventually the prospect for the dessert (=turns in the perfect powder on a 35-40° slope) were stronger and a truly exceptional and fun ride rewarded the demanding approach.

Thanks Danski and Nic for the nice pics!


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