tajik-ski-stan: a five star experience

yeapiiii!!! as it turns out it really was the right decision to have come to tajikistan. not only the whole travel and cultural experience was as we expected but also the last three days of skiing and bivying somewhere between koja obi garm and sioma valley were the maximum stoke. just some hints: shitty weather, unstable snow, bivy, great cold night, bluebird, 4 great runs in tajik powder, even the best pack may fail, another bivy, pre breakfast couloir, the fastest way out the damn wet-slide valley, 41 tones ride and all our adrenalin to home.Tajik-155 Continue reading



felt months of clouds and seeing the sun only as a blurred ball of light through a thick layer of white made us very desperate. but as the forecast promised better luck we headed out for a two-day mission for some four thousender peaks. apparently we attract bad weather as after a tricky ascent through very wind affected/crusty/slab terrain the next front seemed to hit. the wind was blowing hard and already snowing we decided to retreat after the first summit. all of this just to find out, once down in safedorak, that it was clearing up again – what a frustration! BUT things changed rapidly as…


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different conceptions on snow…

it’s very hard to see the world out of a non-skiers perspective. as toms shoulder is not playing along we thought it might be a good idea to head towards the pamir, more precisely sashybuloq, just a 25km hop from the kyrgyz border. there we could experience one of the other tajikistans. people said it’s still winter there and loads of snow would await us. to come back to the opening phrase: we experienced it very differently! Tajik-74

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Getting ready

The preparation goes on and after a last briefing and pasta dinner at Annemarie’s place who connected me with lots of locals we now have some awesome old Soviet maps from the 1940’s that are edited for skiers by Yvo. In addition we’re equipped with the latest Arc’teryx gear that has just arrived straight from their warehouse!
Thanks very much guys!!!!

Nothing more needed!

Nieve del Sur in the magazine “Die Alpen”


We are proud to announce the publishing of our article in the august edition of the Swiss Alpine Club magazine “Die Alpen”!!! It’s all about the story of the last five weeks down in El Chaltén and Cerro Castillo and on their peaks….

Download the whole article (text, pics, practical info, routs) in german as a pdf or visit the SAC homepage and look for the drop-down-menu “magazine” (german, french, italian versions).


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